Terms and Conditions for the Use of the University of Gothenburg, alumni database

The Alumni network
GU Alumni is a network for former students at the University of Gothenburg, also called alumni. The objective is to develop the contacts between staff and students of the University of Gothenburg, and the Universityís alumni. All the information you provide for the database will be treated with confidentiality and respect.

We need to know more about you
What we need is information about you, your work, your time at the University of Gothenburg, and about what kind of contacts you would like to have with us in the future. Fill in the details on the web-based form. Your data will be securely held in the alumni database, which is access-protected and available only to the University of Gothenburg staff and to alumni who have registered either at this website or by post.

Develop contacts based on your interests
The data you enter will be used to develop our alumni activities and the contacts between you and the University of Gothenburg. By filling in the last part where you indicate what kind of contact you would like to have with us in the future, you will enable us to develop and tailor our services for you in accordance with your preferences.

Data protection
In accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Protection Act we would like to inform you how your personal data is treated by the University of Gothenburg. The personal data that you register will be used to establish and develop a network for the benefit of former students. By registering your personal data in the alumni database you give permission for the University of Gothenburg to use this data. The intention behind the Personal Data Protection Act is to protect people and ensure that their integrity is not violated when their data is processed. An important part of this protection is that people whose data is processed are informed about how their data is treated or used.

The database
The personal data of every graduate is automatically transferred to our alumni database. This data includes name, home address, education, degree, and year of degree. Your data relates to your study period at the University of Gothenburg and comes from Ladok (the study documentation registry). If you live in Sweden the home address at which you are registered in the national population register is updated at least once a year with data from the Swedish Navet (coordinated official personal and address file). If you donít live in Sweden you have to update your address yourself.

You decide what data we include
Some data, such as name, education, degree, and study period, can be seen by everybody. However, for all other data, such as your career and present place of work, you can decide if you want it to be made available to other alumni. Since the University is a public government employer we are, in some cases, required to make public the information that we have. You have the right, at any time, to access all the information registered in the database under your name.

Civic registration number
Since we have thousands of alumni we need your civic registration number to ensure secure identification when we check that you are a former student at the University of Gothenburg. If you live in Sweden this is also needed since the home address at which you are registered in the national population register is automatically updated with data from the Swedish Navet (coordinated official personal and address file). Your civic registration number will not be available to other alumni. We reserve the right to prevent people who would like to use our database for commercial recruitment or advertising purposes, or purposes incompatible with a generally accepted code of network ethics, from accessing the database.

Network ethics and user policy
In order to make sure that the alumni database of the University of Gothenburg is a useful and valuable resource, all users are required to adopt a generally accepted code of network ethics. The University of Gothenburg, reserves the right:

- to terminate your subscription to this alumni service if you do not follow our guidelines and regulations or if you abuse this web site in any other way.

- to remove anything that could be considered offensive or discriminatory. You are not allowed to use the alumni database for commercial recruitment purposes nor for advertising or marketing.

- to keep a record based on our contacts with you made by the University of Gothenburg staff working to develop our alumni contacts

- to make summaries for statistical purposes of the information you give us. This information will be encrypted and your anonymity is always protected.

- to update these terms and conditions when developing and improving the alumni database (for example at the time of system updates). The current terms will always be published on our website. Questions

Questions The University of Gothenburg is responsible for making sure that your data is securely held. If you have any questions regarding the alumni database, please e-mail your questions to alumn@gu.se or come and see us at Erik Dahlbergsgatan 11 B if you are in Gothenburg. You are also welcome to write to us at:

The University of Gothenburg, , Alumni, Department of Communication, Box 100, SE 405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden

Other details:

The University of Gothenburg's corporate organization registration number is: 2021003153 Telephone number (switchboard): +46 (0)31 786 10 00